Whether you’re recovering from a cardiac procedure or just minding your heart’s well-being, cardiac rehabilitation is a good decision. It reduces the chances of repeat cardiovascular issues, and helps improve the heart after attacks and surgeries.

Heart-healthy intervention

According to Dr. Mariel Barcelon-Cruz, a Cardiac Rehabilitation Consultant of ManilaMed,  “Cardiac rehabilitation is a multi-faceted intervention in cardiac rehab patients that optimizes their psychological, social, and physical functioning.” It’s a long-term commitment that involves exercise, diet, and life education for a healthier lifestyle.

Anyone with history of heart problems can benefit from the program, but it is usually recommended for people who have undergone open heart surgery. For example, patients who had heart bypass surgery, angioplasty, bypass surgery for peripheral artery disease (PAD), and heart transplant are candidates for cardiac rehab.

The training, which can be held in hospitals and homes, is often done from six to 12 months depending on the patient’s health condition.

Definitive phases

Cardiac rehabilitation requires strict adherence to medication, and aims to prevent disability and recurrent heart attacks. It is divided into three phases.

Phase 1- also known as the in-patient phase, are for admitted patients who have also undertaken cardiovascular trials. It includes breathing exercises, calisthenics, nutrition counselling, and even a low-level stress test distributed in six sessions for one to two weeks.

Phase 2- This is the stage where patients do stress testing and various activities. Unlike phase 1, this stage will take about 3 weeks to two months.

Phase 3- is the maintenance level which is executed from three to six months.

Dr. Barcelon-Cruz’s interview was featured in a Facebook live episode of ManilaMed Health Line. Watch the whole interview here.

Cardiac rehabilitation is crucial in maintaining holistic cardiovascular health. Since it brings confidence and functionality in everyday life, it’s a class 1 recommendation. ManilaMed’s Cardiovascular Catheterization Laboratory and Intervention Center offers a comprehensive cardiac treatment package. For schedules and referrals, visit ManilaMed’s website or call (02) 523 81 31 loc. 7797/7799.