Five out of 10 Filipinos die of heart problems, and most of them do not know why it happened or how it happened.

Let’s be honest: how many of us have tried to research about heart disease risk and factors even before someone we love has been diagnosed with it?

We all say we want to live longer, but our actions — or lack of it — continue to say otherwise. If we really want to succeed in our goal to prolong our lives, we should start by being knowledgeable about the common heart problems and turn these into actionable information.

Here’s the list of killers associated with cardiovascular diseases:

Heart attack

Heart attacks remain the top 1 killer in the country. It is alarming, but Filipinos do not seem to take it seriously. Once one experiences heart attack, it leaves a lifetime of irreversible damage to the heart.

But keep in mind that heart attacks may not be fatal if the victim failed to get immediate medical treatment and attention. As such, the first set of symptoms should prompt an instant visit to the doctor.

High blood pressure

Filipinos love to eat a lot, especially food that are rich in cholesterol. But then, we know that too much of these are bad but still consume them in huge amounts anyway. This is probably because majority of us want to “live life to the fullest”,

And this mantra is what attracts the silent killer called high blood pressure, one the most common heart conditions Filipinos acquire due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Moreover, it causes a lot of other cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke and heart failure.


Many think of it as “brain attack” but, in reality, stroke is a risk factor for coronary heart disease. It makes sense because our hearts our connected to most of our organs, especially the brain where stroke is most likely to happen.

Essentially, stroke attacks the brain by failing to allow oxygen to pass through the veins due to a blood clot. Stuttering, uneven facial expression, and severe headache are the most common symptoms of stroke.

Sudden cardiac death

Sudden cardiac arrest is different from heart attack. It happens when there is an abrupt loss of the heart’s ability to pump blood. Death often follows unless emergency treatment is done immediately.

Irregular heart rhythm

Irregular heart rhythm is common for people with a sedentary lifestyle or those experiencing stress. But for people who have existing heart conditions, abnormal heart rhythm can be a medical emergency.

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