Once you develop asthma, you’ll have it forever.

Symptoms of asthma are always present in the diagnosed person. The moment where these symptoms get triggered is called an asthma attack. Usually, the most striking sign of an attack is when the person suddenly finds it harder to breathe.

What should you do when you see someone having an attack? Here are the basic first aid steps you can take when you see someone having a mild asthma attack.

Follow their Asthma Action Plan

The AAP is a personalized step-by-step guide to help relieve the symptoms of the person having the attack. This plan is written with an approval of a doctor, so following the steps should ensure relief from the symptoms.

**NOTE: If the person doesn’t have an Asthma Action Plan, here are the steps to help relieve their symptoms:

Help the person into a comfortable upright sitting position

Clear the air pathways from any and all obstructions as possible. Remember, an asthmatic cannot breathe properly during an attack, so helping them get in some fresh air would be of help.

Calm and relax the person

It’s easy for young asthmatic to panic during an attack. When this happens, reassure the the asthmatic that things will be alright. Be the calm figure that they could rely on when they think everything’s going out of control. The last thing a person experiencing an asthma attack needs is more reason to panic.

Give them 4 puffs from their inhaler

Because asthma can strike anytime and anywhere, most asthmatics carry around their prescribed inhaler with them. During severe attacks when the asthmatic can’t properly move anymore, quickly get their inhaler from their belongings. Help them get four puffs from the inhaler, that should be enough to get them to breathe normally.

Disclaimer: Even if it’s an emergency, you should always inform the asthmatic before doing this.

Call an ambulance or bring them to the nearest hospital or clinic

Once the worst is over, it’s still best to receive medical attention. You must get the person to a hospital or nearby clinic to make sure that everything is alright and clear.

The best way to relieve asthma attack is to prevent it from happening in the first place. If you’re an asthmatic, recognize your asthma triggers and avoid them as possible. If you don’t know how to recognize them, ManilaMed is a hospital that can help you and your loved ones learn more about asthma, its usual triggers, causes, and its possible cures.

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