The cravings of a pregnant woman consist of the most unusual combination of food. However, it’s not only important to satisfy these cravings. Pregnant women should get the most nutrition they can, and green mangoes alone don’t make the cut.

A pregnant woman’s diet should be able to provide enough nutrients for both the mother and the infant. Which is why there are some food that are recommended especially for women in this delicate state. These are the food that are not only healthy for pregnant women, but can satisfy their cravings, as well.

1. Sunny side up (eggs). Eggs are great for pregnant women because they contain some amounts of almost every nutrient. They also have high quality fats and protein. But what sets eggs apart is the choline, which is important for the development of the brain.

2. Greek Yogurt. This dairy product contains the highest amount of calcium compared to all dairy products.. They also have probiotics, which is good for digestion and lessens the risks of any complications involved in pregnancy.

3. Formulated Milk. Aside from calcium, formulated milk also contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients essential for the mother and the baby. Because it is formulated, its contents are tailor-fit to the needs of pregnant women.

4. Sweet Potatoes. Pregnant women need 10-40 percent more vitamin A than their regular intake and sweet potatoes can provide just that. Aside from being a good source of vitamin A, sweet potatoes also has a lot of fiber, which can regulate digestion and maintain sugar levels.

5. Grapefruit. This power fruit can help ease the struggles of morning sickness. Its taste can counter nausea and help neutralize the stomach. It can even help to alleviate insomnia caused by pregnancy.

6. Salmon. Although fish intake for pregnant women should be limited to at most three times a week, this type of fish is a great source of calcium and vitamin B12.

The food that pregnant women eat is vital for the proper development of the infant. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”, but in a pregnant woman’s case, the health of the baby is what you consider when you eat. So, it’s essential that pregnant women’s diets are well balanced and packed with vitamins and nutrients.

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