Your lungs need workout, too! Doing breathing exercises is important for our respiratory system to remain healthy and strong. Like the effort you put in strengthening your legs or arms, you should also put effort in strengthening your respiratory system, especially the lungs.

The respiratory system works together to send the body enough air to keep it functioning. The process starts from the nose, then ends in the diaphragm, filling the lungs with mixture of oxygen and other gases, and expels the waste gases.

The diaphragm, most especially, has a big role in this process. It helps bring in air into the lungs by contracting, so that the lungs can have enough space to get air. After that it then expands to help the lungs push out the used air. This movement of the diaphragm has been compared by an expert with the movement of a door with a spring, “opening and shutting on its own”. Over time however, with the diseases that we get and because of poor lifestyle, the diaphragm starts to degenerate. This can result to air being trapped in the lungs.

Since the diaphragm is not working well, the body will use other muscles in the chest, neck, and back for breathing.  Using these muscles for breathing stores stale air in the lungs, and when it does happen, it leaves less room for the diaphragm to expand, thus lower oxygen levels.

Poor breathing also can reduce mental alertness, and can result to the loss of blood oxygen levels, up to 20 percent. So doing breathing exercises can lessen stale air from the lungs. It can improve not only the health of the respiratory system, but also the overall health of the body.

Here are the different breathing exercises people can do:

Belly Breathing Exercise

This is also called diaphragmatic breathing. Sit in a chair or lie on the floor with your back straight. Put your hand on your stomach. Take a deep breath through the nose. The stomach should be the one bulging, instead of the chest. Exhale through the mouth. Repeat this a number of times throughout the day.

This breathing exercise is helpful to keep the blood in the arteries oxygenated. This is also helpful to keep your diaphragm strong. Moreover, did you know that singers actually do this exercise to help them save air in the lungs when singing? Yes, they do.

Pursed Lips Breathing Exercise

Sit upright. Then breathe gently in and out. Remember to purse your lips when breathing out. As much as possible, use your lower chest muscle to breathe. Relax your neck, shoulders and upper chest muscles when you breathe.

This breathing exercise will help you get as much air as possible. This can help you ease shortness of breath. It can also make breathing more easier.

Doing breathing exercises, along with a healthy lifestyle, can be a tremendous help to having a strong and healthy respiratory system. Of course, constant check-ups with good doctors will also be a great help. ManilaMed, with its expert doctors and state-of-the-art equipment, can help you keep your lungs in top shape.

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